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Riptide Spas

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41 Robjohns Road

Tel: 01245 265 036 opt 3

WhatSwimSpa? Approved

Easy operation via simple yet powerful controls

The perfect swim spas for family fun

Riptide Pools are perfect for families of all ages

<p>Riptide pools are constructed using the finest hardware and materials, including Aristech acrylic shells and Balboa electronics.</p>
<p>Riptide Pools are also amongst the most economical swim spas available today, due to the superior full foam insulation fitted inside the galvanised steel frame.</p>
<p>Unlike a conventional pool, Riptide swim spas require very little cleaning as they incorporate a state-of-the-art filtration and sanitising system, with high performance pumps, corona discharge ozone systems and skimmer filter systems.</p>
<p>With a choice of nine models, we have the swim spa or exercise pool to suit you and your lifestyle. As part of our service, most Riptide dealers provide test-swim facilities at their showrooms. Our pools are only delivered and installed by highly trained teams with a full on-board parts facility. We have dedicated technicians ensuring a prompt and efficient after-sales service.</p>

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