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Regency Spas

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Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc.
6315 202 St. Langley
British Columbia
V2G 2V3

Established in 1984 with Stores Nationwide and Award Winning Service

Powerful Atlas Swim Jets

Exclusively Made in Canada with ISO:2015 Quality Control

<p>Our models range from the hyper-therapeutic hot tubs(developed in conjunction with the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada&rsquo;s Consumer Advisory Board) to our large Swim Spas which produce an unrivalled current you can swim against indefinitely.</p>
<p>Our health spas each come exercise equipment ready, allowing resistance bands and rowing oars to be incorporated into your fitness routine. When you&rsquo;re ready to kick back and relax, each model comes equipped with Luxury Trillium massage jets that rejuvenate your muscles and refresh your body with a deep tissue massage. All your massage jets are individually adjustable allowing you to decide where you want to concentrate your hydrotherapy treatment.</p>
<p>Let us show you how easy it can be to enjoy and commit to a healthy lifestyle. True wellness can only be achieved by making a permanent change to your day-to-day life. Start today and save the endless membership fees, time and money to get to and from your fitness centre and all the inconvenience that has consistently hampered your success in the past.</p>
<p>Your Regency Swim Spa will improve your fitness and lessen symptoms associated with arthritis, sleep disorders, stress, type 2 diabetes and all right from the comfort of your own home and ready when you are.</p>

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