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WhatSwimSpa? is the UK’s leading consumer swim spa magazine and has helped hundreds of thousands of swim spa buyers to buy their ideal swim spa. With over 100 pages the magazine covers everything you need to know to purchase your ideal swim spa.

Featuring top brands

Whether you’re completely new to swim spas and buying your first exercise pool or you’re looking to upgrade an existing model, we can help.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a swim spa, our team of experts are on hand in the latest edition of WhatSwimSpa? to take you through the process and make choosing your swim spa easy. WhatSwimSpa? magazine includes over 100 pages of advice on the buying process, what type of model to buy and even preparing for your swim spa delivery

Advice you can rely on

A key tenet for WhatSwimSpa? is its independence, which ensures you receive informed, unbiased and impartial advice.

Our team of respected swim spa experts provide informed, independent advice and swim spa reviews. They are happy to answer any questions that you may have on buying a swim spa.

Best Buy Awards

Since 2006, WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Awards have become the industry-standard recognition for swim spas that achieve the best scores in our rigorous tests for quality and value across all price brackets.

Our Best Buy Awards cannot be purchased or influenced by third parties, such as manufacturers and retailers, and we take great pride in their independence, which is why they are now held in such high esteem by swim spa buyers.

For a full breakdown of our 2023 Best Buy Award winners across all price brackets, request your free copy of WhatSwimSpa? magazine now and look out for these prestigious logos in showrooms as you start shopping.

Seal of approval

When making any purchase of this size, trusting the manufacturer and retailer is essential. The WhatSwimSpa? Approved scheme is a unique hallmark of quality and is only awarded to companies who meet our exacting high standards.

The Approval Scheme offers the customer peace of mind that comes from knowing companies are reputable, well established, have a professional infrastructure and a good track record within the industry, so they are the logos to look out for.

In order to win coveted WhatSwimSpa? Approved status, swim spa retailers must have a minimum number of display spas and prove that they have all of the insurance requirements and trained staff in both water hygiene and safety as well as technical backup and maintenance.

WhatSwimSpa? Professional retailers also have to pass a stringent extra set of criteria, including professional training accreditation by attending industry-recognised hot tub and swim spa technician courses.

Trusted traders

When you request your free copy of WhatSwimSpa? magazine, you will also receive a complimentary 40 page UK Retail Directory that lists all of the WhatSwimSpa? Approved showroom-based hot tub and swim spa retailers across every area of the UK.

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