WhatSwimSpa? logos explained

Look out for the WhatSwimSpa? suite of logos when you’re browsing swim spa manufacturer and retailer websites, brochures and showrooms before you buy. Here’s a rundown of our different logos and what they mean, so you can shop confidently, knowing that you’re dealing with a trusted brand and retailer.

WhatSwimSpa? Approved logo*:

Our WhatSwimSpa? Approved logo is simple and is designed to offer some vital information about the competence, attitude and professionalism of manufacturers, distribution companies and retailers in the swim spa sector. It is used by both Manufacturers and Retailers if they meet a specified list of objective criteria and authenticated by the staff here at WhatSwimSpa? magazine.

WhatSwimSpa? Approved manufacturers/distributors:

There are over 30 brands of swim spas now represented in the UK. Most swim spa manufacturers appoint a UK distributor who then appoints a network of dealers. Some importers retail directly to the public via their own retail outlets.

In order to gain approved status, manufacturers must display proof that they have the following credentials and infrastructure:

WhatSwimSpa? Approved retailers:

There are literally hundreds of swim spa retailers dotted around all areas of the UK and it is vital that consumers have a way of discerning reputable and trustworthy retailers that offer WhatSwimSpa? Approved brands. So in order to become a WhatSwimSpa? Approved retailer, swim spa dealers must have the following credentials and facilities:

WhatSwimSpa? Professional logo*:

WhatSpa? Professional status was launched in 2019 and is designed to acknowledge swim spa retailers that demonstrate best-in-class credentials. In order to win WhatSwimSpa? Professional accreditation and permission to use this logo, swim spa retailers must meet ALL of the above criteria for WhatSwimSpa? Approval PLUS the following:

*WhatSwimSpa? logos are the intellectual property of WhatSpa? Media Group and can only be used either digitally or physically with our express permission. Our logos MUST NOT be modified in any way and can only be used as supplied by WhatSpa? Media Group. Unauthorised modification or use of any of our logos without our permission is in breach of copyright law and will be prosecuted. WhatSpa? Media Group accepts no responsibility for any negligence in business governance or health and safety provisions of manufacturers, distributors or retailers that use our accreditations and/or logos.