Platinum Spas

Award winning swim spas

WhatSwimSpa? Approved 2020
WhatSwimSpa? Approved 2020

Superior Spas Ltd
Unit 6, Station Road
S43 1JU

About Platinum Spas

Platinum Spas offer exceptional quality hot tubs and swim spas whilst delivering the best in class customer service.  Our core values are quality, innovation and after care and service. 

We use the latest technology on the build and design with the highest quality components.  On every Platinum Spa we use Balboa for the heaters, control board and control panel. 

A swim spa can help to loosen muscles that might be tight or sore and the motion of the warm water can help to ease stress. A swim spa can also help for training as a professional athlete or swimmer or simply to keep fit and be part of your fitness programme. 

We offer a wide range of swim spas to suit your needs.    

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Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 2pm

Sunday: Closed

Call our support team on 01246 559071

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